13 comments on ““The Eyes Have It”

  1. Your images are just spectacular! Each is a piece of fine art that captures the birds and their environment perfectly. All this and we get a great story too! Thanks so much for this post. I’ll be sure to thank Steve for directing me to your work.

  2. Beautiful. Your photos are exquisite. The colors and depth is amazing – looks 3D. Hope you don’t mind…I added a link to your blog to my website – birdingboomers.com.

  3. As always, your images are outstanding and your blog article well written and very informative. Thank you for sharing your images and all of the information on the different Vireo species. I have some very good images of the White-eyed Vireo, but now have others to add to my shoot list. Hope you have a fantastic and productive trip south.

  4. Really great photos; I appreciate your photos and your prose. I haves spoken to you outside of Taneytown at the shorteared owl location and you were very helpful and informative. The best of luck on your trip out west; look forward to seeing your report on your return. Thanky you. Haveagreat day and trip. .

  5. Excellent images of these birds, their habitat and behavior. Elliot Potter always wanted to capture birds in their habitat. Your work in my opinion meets that goal. Your skill at accurately portraying the birds and your descriptive writing is excellent. A true photographing/ornithologist who is an inspiration to us all, well done please keep it coming.


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