13 comments on ““Bloodroot” … War Paint and the Medicine Man

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  3. Oh, my gosh. I just wasted a day of my life yesterday writing a really pathetic post about bloodroot (I’d reference it, but I never self-link on a first visit : ) when here is this perfectly thorough and visually stunning one already out here that somehow I never found in all my searches of yesterday.


    Now, being a big girl, I must go out to my post and include a link to yours, mercilessly shaming myself and making any reader of my post (all two of them) who comes to yours realize that they’ve been wasting every minute spent on my blog.


  4. Excellent and informative I photographed my first this spring and it is a spring favorite thanks for your information about this plant and it flower.

  5. I love bloodroot and enjoyed your article. The photographs are exquisite. I have bloodroot growing in the yard – you’re welcome to a plant if you’d like one for your garden.

    • I teared up as I read and enjoyed the photography here. I am in a north coastal area of CA and would love to try to grow this gorgeous plant. I have have breast cancer for 5 yr. w/o chemo surgery or radiation so far. Have tries black salve once will do again. Thank you for your kind consideration!
      Christina cvelgot@gmail.com or 831.239.7805

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