10 comments on ““DUCKS IN A TUB” … Say it with corn and they will come!!!

  1. Wow. Beautiful pictures. Sounds like an amazing experience. When do the ducks arrive? Is the week before Thanksgiving generally too early to catch them?

  2. All were magnificent, but those landing shots! And very interesting read, too. Feeling somewhat guilty looking at these beautiful birds, knowing how much I like to ea…nevermind.

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  4. Nicely presented with good text and wonderful photos. Last winter I stopped there with a friend who had not been there before. It was taking a child to his first candy shop. Ever so grateful to Larry Hitchens for pointing me there.

    By the way. There is one more reason why shooting with a camera beats using a gun. You don’t have to dress the bird afterwards.

    Paul Schmitt

  5. Jim, As always excellent pictures and documentary of each. Also, great reply to comments and spot on accurate.

  6. Jim
    As usual I enjoyed your Blog on Oakley Street. It is well researched and very well written. I thought it
    would be worth mentioning how good it is there for people to go there who are handicapped and would love to get out and maybe snap a few shots of wildlife and have a good feeling being able to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

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