16 comments on “Woodland Orchids … an “endeavor of passion”

  1. Jim, these photos are spectacular! I wish I could have had you along to see some of the orchids that I have seen over the years. If you want to expand your collection, come south to the NC coast and I’ll be happy to share a bunch more.

    • Thanks so much David and I do plan to visit both the North Carolina coastal areas as well as some of the spots in Appalachia as well. Its great to have you as a member of or “Strictly Wildflowers” Group and a valued one at that!

  2. A wonderful read and loads of great images, Jim! Your blogs are always an enjoyable read..
    I’ve had the Platanthera orbiculata var. macrophylla up in the Adirondacks, I may go up this summer if your interested. Don’t forget the Fringed Gentians come September.

  3. A wonderful read and true soul warming eye candy in such a stressful time. Your skill, passion and dedication shine through your immaculate photos. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am in “love” with native plants of all kinds and enjoyed this article immensely. Thank you for your dedication and sharing of the treasures to be found in our forest.

  5. Love you pictures of the wild orchids. I can see that I need to do better. The color saturation is amazing!

    • Thanks so much John. Just using old school methods such as shooting in a Neutral picture style mode for the LCD and then processing in that same neutral camera related profile is the trick. It increases the dynamic rang without excessive saturation allowing me to add vibrance and saturation as needed and reduce contrast. I’ve found over the years that the petals of flowers and their translucent properties can create havoc both in saturation, contrast and vibrancy using the standard picture styles. I shoot as flat as I can with pretty much everything.

      • For years I have been in love with wild orchids. Prior to gps days, I used to mark on a topo map places where colonies of selected orchids can be found. This is mostly in KY and TN. There is a very high population of Showy Orchis in the Smoky Mts NP along Roaring Fork. You have pictures of orchids I have never seen in the wild and I purposely look for them. Great Job!

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