7 comments on “Prairie Song … Woodland Warblers 2

  1. These are wonderful pictures Jim, absolutely fantastic. I am a huge admirer of your work and this website. I think you have used flash for some of the pictures, if not all. If I may ask, could you tell me how did you avoid steel eyes in these pictures? I tried but could not avoid getting steel eyes on the bird.

    • Thank-you Raghav. The only situation that causes “steel-eye” is the flash on the lens plane used as a main light or with too much power applied. Also, Flash extenders are notorious for that! First, I barely ever use any type of extender, especially for small birds or owls. Stay away from the “Bitter” Beamer for sure. I only use flash for a very soft fill and “eye-highlighter” or for simple warming. I am normally only at 1/4 power/ETTL of the flash. Also, I may either use a bracket for elevation or a slight off-axis tilt of the head!

  2. Excellent article and the images are to die for Thanks for sending this our way Molly and  Bill Coatney

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