6 comments on “Black-throated Blues

    • Thanks Bob and I shoot an assortment of gear! Canon Camera’s along with Canon, Sigma Art and Sports series and Carl Zeiss lenses. I do a lot of shooting out of my Jeep using a beanbag or off of Induro Tripods and heads by Really Right Stuff and ProMedia Gear…

  1. A superb post, Jim. Thank you.

    The BTBW was a bit of a “nemesis” bird for me until the past couple of years. I’m totally jealous you live in their breeding territory as I’m relegated to catching them during migration here in central Florida.
    Thank you for your description of your flash technique. It makes a difference.

    Your photographs are inspiring and I’ll be out tomorrow craning my neck for these beautiful gems of the forest.

    • Thanks Wally and I really appreciate the comment! Being from Texas, at one time the only opportunity to see these wonderful birds, was like you and during the migration only. I’ve lived up here at the foot of the Appalachians now for over 30 years and I cherish the extended periods of time with them.

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