8 comments on “In search of “Maggie May” … Woodland Warblers 3

  1. Hi Jim,

    Its Jess Ferguson, I’m in FB jail…for a while longer yet. In the recording of the Magnolia Warbler what is the bird song in the background? I sounds just like a White-Throated Sparrow without the triplet ending. I’ve heard this song over and over at work and it stopped in the fall. Others have told me that its the WTS, with a dialect BUT I’m not convinced. In your recording it sings at 05-09, 27-29, 37-39,44-47.

    • LOL, Actually Jessica… “I’m not quite sure. There were other warblers in song in the area, Canada and the Prairie. But it could be a White Throated Sparrow as well, although I don’t recall seeing any.

      • Thanks Jim. I’m on an endless search for this bird. This tune is haunting. October 29th was the last I heard it. It’s song overrides all of the other calls in the forest. I want to go to Dolly Sods!!!!

      • This will be my new mission, search and discover what bird has this beautiful song.

      • “Golden-Crowned Sparrow”…A little out of place too. Looks like I will need evidence to support my claim!

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